"0% Chance of survival"


An oil rig in the middle of the ocean, how lovely! Porta Coeli II crashed into this oil rig and now you must wait until help comes.

Background Story

Initially, this rig looked occupied. When Porta Coeli II crashed on the side of the oil rig, survivors of the crash were grateful. That flame on top of the tower was there for a reason, and it clearly wasn't going out any time soon.

Yet it was empty.

Just as survivors were being settled in, as if on cue, shipping containers broke open and zombies poured out of them. That growing feeling of security quickly vanished.


Bouri Rig 71 is a 3-story map.

On the first floor, Porta Coeli II crashed on the side and it is where you are spawning. There's nothing else to note here, as the entire floor is shaped like a ring, with stairs to the second on opposite sides.

On the second, the floor is shaped like a donut. Objects litter the perimeter, and there's only one set of stairs to the third floor.

The third floor is mostly open, and is what you will be spending the majority of the round on. There is a crane, some housing units, and a platform that serves as a helipad, along with some shipping containers.

You can climb onto the tower in the middle with a ladder. The area up there is cramped, but that ladder is the only way up to that platform. Using the legs, it is possible to reach the summit of the tower.


  • When you spawn in, you best move quickly out of the boat.
    • Unless you are wearing a Firevest, those flames will and can hurt you.
  • A Brute can easily overpower survivors within this map due to how compact everything is. If one spawns at the beginning of the round, it can throw you off the boat where you spawn by simply smashing their club.
  • Be careful when climbing the tower in the middle, as the fire at the very top damages you upon touch.
    • This fire does not heal you as an Elemental.
    • In Arena, this could make a good hiding spot during the last phase of a round if you are a zombie.


  • This map is generally considered a sequel to Porta Coeli II.
  • This is a remake of R2D's map: Oilrig.
  • The water surrounding the map kills you instantly, but if you are fast enough, you can fall right through it without it killing you. (You still die though.)
  • There are various, physical Easter Eggs hidden throughout the map, but they don't do anything.
  • This is the only current map to not contain the Survival gamemode at any point in time.

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