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Boss is a special game mode which involves all the survivors having to kill a boss related to the current in-game event. The boss has many strong attacks that can kill survivors easily if not dealt with. Survivors have to kill the boss before it kills everyone resulting in a game over for them. It's a returning game mode from R2D and usually involves events that are only out for a limited time, which means it can only be selected to play if an in-game event is going on.

You can spend Tickets at the Event Store.

The first R2DA boss released at the R2DA Christmas Event 2015 was named the Yeti. Once defeated, coins would spew out of the center of the arena which you would pick up to earn $10 per coin (how you would normally get money in the early stages of R2DA). Other than that you got the Christmas Tree and the Christmas Event badge.

The second boss released at the R2DA Release Event 2016 was named King Crab. Once the boss is defeated, several Tickets spawn to be picked up which could be used to pay for event items. Tickets could also be found around the map where you fight King Crab in.

The third boss released at the R2DA Halloween Event 2016 was named Lord Pumpkin Jr. Once defeated, chests would spawn in the center of the circle of rocks and buildings which would provide you with high amounts of cash and event items. Tickets also spawned in vast quantities from the area to be collected.

The fourth boss released at the R2DA Christmas Event 2016 was named Rhi-snow. Once defeated, Tickets would spawn from the area the boss was killed in. Chests would also appear in the circle of ice you fought the boss on, which would have provided decent amounts of cash and high amounts of event items.

The fifth boss released at the 100th version of R2DA was named Chronos XI. Once defeated, chests and tickets would spawn in the middle of the blue platform where Chronos XI was standing. The chests provided large sums of money, items, event items, and very rarely, the Toybow.


  • You only have a limited amount of times you can refill your gun. Expend it completely before going for a refill.
  • Dying in this Gamemode will not net you any prizes if the boss is defeated.
  • Healing items are always a must when going into a Boss round.


  • This was the second Gamemode released in R2DA, with the first being Original Survival.
    • With that this was also the first Exclusive Gamemode.

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