Bootcamp has you and other players try to get to the end of a course by jumping on many platforms and going through obstacles of different varieties. There are Tickets scattered throughout the entire map that you can get to spend on event items in the Event Store.

At the end of the map, you can find chests that award event items, normal items, or cold hard cash. There are also alternative pathways sprinkled throughout that's either a shortcut or just some extra loot.

When all chests are taken, the round automatically ends and any players still alive are taken to the Winscreen, earning them Experience and ending the entire round.

For Tutorial Island, reach the end of the map.


  • For Tutorial Island listen to the instructions that the Friendly Boo gives you.
  • Everyone is also an obstacle, yourself included.
    • Take your time, but don't take too much time.


  • This is a returning event gamemode from R2D 2014, albeit renamed from Obby.
  • Until v0.8.1, it was impossible to win a round of Bootcamp.
    • Nowadays, simply opening all of the chests will cause the round to end.