"A backpack made by Boos, not of Boos. They like to sell these to tourists who come by, and they always put something extra inside them as a little gift."
―Spooksboo Tourist


These are made by the sweetest of NPCs, the Boos.

It spontaneously spawns a useful item in your inventory upon a new round beginning. It's good if you want to save money.

Background Story

After the defeat of Lord Pumpkin Jr, the Boos were left floating around wondering what to do next. The weeks following were spent wandering in what was literally called a soul search.

What was a surprising turn of events, however, was the sudden influx of visitors to their volcano. It turns out that battle with their former master was inherently important, and these visitors came to their volcano to learn a bit of history.

Regardless, the Boos were happy to find a purpose: the tourism industry.


  • Upon a new round, you get a free item with this equipped.
  • You can get some free Boopacks by defeating Lord Pumpkin Jr. or at the end of Bootcamp in varying numbers.
  • By wearing this in FFA, you have the chance of getting an Airstrike.


  • This is the first armor to look like a backpack.
  • Despite being a backpack that leaves your frontal exterior exposed, it still supplies you some extra HP.
  • These are currently available for 15 tickets in the event store.
  • This is the first armor to return for an entire event.

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