"As much as we know you'd like to spare these cute little guys, they WILL try to drag you away, and we can't take any chances."


Make sure to be wary of these when fighting Lord Pumpkin Jr, as they can drag off your allies to who knows where.

If you feel bad about shooting them, don't worry. They're already dead.

Background Story

The Boos used to live in the mountains, peacefully collecting things, their favourite hobby. But when Lord Pumpkin Jr. popped up, he trapped them in a now hollowed out mountain. When the survivors popped up to fight Lord Pumpkin Jr., the Boos flew around, trying to block some of the evil pumpkin's attacks, but usually they didn't do anything.

Certain Boos also tried to drag survivors away, thinking that they could try to save them from the wrath of Lord Pumpkin Jr.. However, their grip wasn't too great, and certain survivors were dropped to their doom.

After Lord Pumpkin Jr. was defeated the Boos apologized by giving the survivors thousands of Boopacks. Although they weren't too useful, their strange ability to spawn supplies out of thin air was pretty cool. The survivors waved goodbye to the Boos, and the Boos returned to their peaceful life. Maybe the survivors and them will meet again someday.


  • Just try to dodge and stay away from these creatures in general.
    • They can be helpful, but the chance of them dropping you in a different area requires immense luck.
      • Rarely, you can be dropped on top of Lord Pumpkin Jr, giving you a small advantage.
      • Overall, it's better not to take that chance unless you seriously feel like taking a gamble.
    • As they are ghosts, Boos can suddenly appear from the floor to pick you up.
      • Get on top of the wooden structures so you can see if they're coming from below.
    • If you are the last one left, be prepared for Boos to come from every single direction.
  • If your teammates get carried away, try to shoot them down when they're not above lava.
  • 2 shots are required to supposedly "kill" these things, so remember that.
  • The RPG, M202 and Flamethrower can all harm a Boo, but it is not recommended to fight one with these weapons.
  • On Tutorial Island, listen to what the Friendly Boo tells you to do.


  • This is the first event mob in R2DA, with the second being the Gingerbread Minion.
    • Boos are much like the Soul Fetchers that served Lord Pumpkin in R2D 2014.
    • As such, you can consider them as perhaps a returning mob.
  • Uses the same mesh as the Ghosts in Pillow Fight Simulator.
  • Boos are Non-Playable Characters, hence the NPC abbreviation.
  • Sometimes, Boos fail to despawn and can surprise people in maps they're not supposed to be in.