"As much as we know you'd like to spare these cute little guys, they WILL try to drag you away, and we can't take any chances."


Make sure to be wary of these when fighting Lord Pumpkin Jr., as they can quickly drag off your allies. It's okay to shoot them - bullets only surprise them into dropping their targets.

Background Story

The Boos used to live in the mountains, peacefully collecting things, their favourite hobby. But when Lord Pumpkin Jr. popped up, he trapped them in a now hollowed out mountain. When the survivors popped up to fight Lord Pumpkin Jr., the Boos flew around, trying to block some of the evil pumpkin's attacks, but usually they didn't do anything.

Certain Boos also tried to drag survivors away, thinking that they could try to save them from the wrath of Lord Pumpkin Jr.. However, their grip wasn't too great, and certain survivors were dropped to their doom.

After Lord Pumpkin Jr. was defeated the Boos apologized by giving the survivors thousands of Boopacks. Although they weren't too useful, their strange ability to spawn supplies out of thin air was pretty cool. The survivors waved goodbye to the Boos, and the Boos returned to their peaceful life. Maybe the survivors and them will meet again someday.


  • Just stay away from these creatures in general.
    • Boos can be helpful if you want to go move to a different area of the Boss Arena, but you have a high chance of dying, or at least losing your legs.
  • If your teammates get carried away, try to shoot them down away from the lava.
  • 2 shots are required to supposedly "kill" these things, so remember that.
  • Rarely, you can get dragged away and you fall onto Lord Pumpkin Jr., which grants you a small advantage.


  • Boos are NPCs.
  • Only spawns in Lord Pumpkin Jr.'s boss arena.
  • Mesh by GregTame.
  • Boos can sometimes glitch into maps they are not suppose to be in, like Bouri Rig 71 for example.
  • Removed as of v0.8.4.
  • The first event mob, and the second was the Gingerbread Minion.
  • Boos are much like the Soul Fetchers from Lord Pumpkin on R2D.
  • Boos are probably based off the enemy with the same name from Super Mario Bros.

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