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Caved In's boat can be found here.

See also : Fame and Bucket


The boat in Panama Beach starts off as being on fire. You and your teammates have to find buckets that have spawned around the map and fill them up with water to put out the fire. Once you extinguish all the fires, you have to push the boat into the ocean. Finally, a survivor with at least 4 Fame has to drive the boat out of the map to win the round, for themselves and other players on the boat.


  • You cannot douse the flames with the Fire Extinguisher. It can only be extinguished with a Bucket.
  • Be aware that Elementals can camp on the boat when it's on fire, as they are healed by the flames.
  • The flames on the boat can damage players for the normal 50 damage, but those wearing the Firevest will be unaffected.
  • A player with at least 4 Fame can pilot the ship but at a loss of 4 Fame.
    • If you win, you are refunded your 4 back, plus 1 more!
    • There's still an old bug that prevents you from teleporting to the Winscreen.
      • As such, you don't get your Fame back nor do you get win experience; this makes people skeptical of piloting.


  • The boat later landed at Café County, according to GammaShock, the developer of the map.
  • This was the second player-controlled vehicle added to the game, but the only player-controlled vehicle now.
  • Currently, this is the only vehicle that costs Fame to drive.
    • Fame is used to make sure that a player is responsible enough to not doom the whole server.
  • The boat is a free model. You can find the model here.

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