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Panama Beach's boat can be found here.


Even as R2D dwindled down, this Boat stood strong. Throughout the years, this boat has both saved and doomed lives.

It's still standing strong, so don't worry.


  • The Campaign sometimes breaks. Prepare for the worst if it does.
  • Placing some Buildings in front of the door can act as a useful gate.
  • A Brute or an Elemental can easily knock survivors off the Boat.
    • A well-thrown club at the base can screw over everyone.
    • A Digger isn't really a problem as the water will kill them first.
    • Zombies do spawn from above, so watch out.
      • Throwing a Pipebomb to prevent them from jumping down is a good idea.


  • This is the second returning vehicle from R2D 2014.
    • However, it is the only one in-game at the moment.
  • The seats were easily broken by players, so they had to be removed.
  • The boat, according to Jopede, is based off the Uisko-class landing craft used by the Finnish Navy.

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