"Nostalgia hit harder than when the FAMAS came out.... sadly there aren't any more Tanks here, so bad luck, right?"


A classic map from 2014 returning to Reason 2 Die Awakening with a more polished and slightly changed style.

Background Story

Before the SANI outbreak, this was ... well, a bus station. Its budget was high, and when finished, it came out looking beautiful. The SANI ruined all of that. The station is now demolished, a remnant of its once pristine self. Broken-down cars litter the streets, and its once bustling, bridge-like hallway lies split in half.

Early survivors recall this place, with cold, stiff, hulking masses of gray flesh tearing apart their comrades one by one. Never in a million years, would they imagine they would return to Blackfield Station.


  • Windows are scattered everywhere, which means there is high potential for a Charged Brute.
  • The map is large, so stay with your teammates or you will be an easy target for an Edgar or Leaper.
  • There are many hidden passages, including tunnels and sewer exits; memorise these exits for a quick getaway.
    • However, the spaces are quite tight, so you may be cornered.


  • Blackfield Station is a R2D 2014 map, remade.
  • Currently, the tree models are the same as the 2014 version.
  • Standing near the sewers in first-person can randomly kill you.
    • This is a bug.
  • This is the one of the maps that use a Bus as a rescue vehicle before it was used for Campaign.
  • There are several references to R2D 2014 in this map.
  • Near one of the survivors spawn points there is a Toyota AE86.
    • This car is most likely referencing the one off the anime series "Initial D".
  • At the moment, Hammer can be used to reach normally unreachable areas.