"I've got good news and bad news. The good news is my Bat's clean, the bad news is it's about to get dirty."


Great for stunning zombies and getting them away from you, and making a quick escape. Also, take note that the damage is decently high, so if you run out of ammo you can use it to kill zombies. However, due to its high stamina use, this is inefficient and you'll run out of stamina quickly, so you should mainly use this to stun zombies to make a quick getaway or to finish them off. Great for striking crowds of zombies down!

Background Story

A staple of many zombie apocalypse stories and movies, the baseball bat is the definition of a classic weapon. L-Brain Sidework knew this, and decided to finally begin mass production of a hard hitting Baseball Bat that had a swing that pounded zombie brains into mush and sent zombies flying like a baseball. After realizing that the simple attachment of barbed wire used in many zombie shows and movies before the real apocalypse would actually be useful, L-Brain Sidework also manufactured that.


  • The Baseball Bat pushes zombies very far back, you can use this on Capture the Base to keep zombies away from the flags.
  • Be careful, one swing consumes 15 energy, which is a lot. Manage your targets, and try to use the swing to hit multiple zombies at once if possible.
  • Most of the time, the targets will be knocked down and will be out of reach either due to being on the ground or being flung away from you.
    • If they are on the ground, crouch to hit them.
    • If they are farther away, either run away, shoot them, or walk to close the gap.
      • Running isn't recommended due to the high stamina usage of this weapon.
  • Equipping the Tactical II is recommended for this weapon as it gives bonus stamina.
    • Bringing in Booster items can really help you go on a rampage.
  • If you are surrounded, you can go into first person then do a 360° degree spin attack, this also has the chance of it hitting the same target twice.
  • If you want to deal extra damage to zombies, purchase the Barbed Wire attachment.


  • The name for the 'Classic' skin refers to the Baseball Bat's appearance from the original R2D.
    • The appearance from then is based off of RED Scout's Bat from Team Fortress 2.
  • This is a returning weapon from the original R2D.
  • This weapon acting like the original from R2D, which was powerful at most.
  • This weapon is the highest consuming energy melee in R2DA, even exceeding the Shovel which uses 13.
  • Fourth melee to be able to headshot.
  • First melee to have an attachment.
  • This weapon has the highest multi-hit capability of all melees.

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