"Check this on your bucket list, YOU ARE NOW RAMBO!"


This was released along with the Minigun, and for all intents and purposes, to be used with the Minigun.

The Bandolier carries 150 additional rounds, specifically a whole extra magazine, for the Minigun to fire. If used in the Double Equip system along with the RPG, an extra rocket is supplied.

Background Story

Due to complaints about how quickly ammo on a Minigun was expended, R-Brain Hardwork made the Bandolier to satisfy those carrying a Minigun. The combined weight of both the Minigun and the Bandolier is catastrophic against people's backs, but lawsuits don't exist in the apocalypse anyway.

For some odd reason, people have a higher pain tolerance while wearing this. It's probably the adrenaline from mowing down zombies though.


  • This armor is supposed to be used with the Minigun or the RPG.
    • That being the case, you can still use it for the extra HP.
  • For the longer rounds, try to opt for another weapon entirely.
    • An extra magazine can only go so far with the Minigun.
    • If you run out of bullets, you're basically done for.


  • This is the first common armor in R2DA to not be a vest.
  • This is the 2nd highest rank-locked vest, with the first being the Bulldozer II.
  • As of now, the Bandolier is the only armor so far to specialise in specific weapons.
    • Power is a unique trait the Minigun and the RPG have and no other gun can benefit from this characteristic.
  • Even after you use the second reload this vest provides, the Bandolier will remain static and not disappear.
  • In real life, bandoliers are mainly used to feed machine guns from an ammo can, not from your body.
  • Logically, a bandolier would not be able to protect you to the extent seen in-game.