Badges are trophies, accomplishments, objectives or overall special tasks that someone can do. Rewards consist of event items, regular items, or just bragging rights.

Some Badges are always going to be obtainable, but some are event only. Once the event ends, that certain badge will be discontinued and will be impossible to earn unless PlaceRebuilder places the map to be next in line after the event has passed, which he had only done a few times back in the original R2D.

List of Badges

ImageNameStatusReward(s)Amount EarnedDescription
Killed Creator - Badge
Killed Creator Ongoing Bragging Rights 2,284 Players and counting Find PlaceRebuilder and kill him while he is a survivor to get the most prestigious award on ROBLOX!
Won Christmas Event 2015 - Badge
Won Christmas Event 2015 Discontinued Christmas Tree + Bragging Rights 3,506 Players Defeat Yeti and gain this badge that will stay even after DEMO!
Won Halloween Event 2016 Badge
Won Halloween Event 2016 Discontinued Bragging Rights 8,665 Players This badge is an incredible feat! Defeating Lord Pumpkin Jr! You must be a true Reason 2 Die Hero!
Rhi-Snow Badge
Won Christmas Event 2016 Discontinued Bragging Rights 13,455 Players Given to the brave players who beat the Rhisnow boss.
Defeated Chronos XI Ongoing Bragging Rights 28,377 Players and counting Given to the heroic survivors who cleared Chronos Quest and killed Chronos XI in his own dominion! Well done!
Yeti Badge
Won Christmas Event 2017 Discontinued Bragging Rights 29,675 Players Defeat Yeti the Second to earn yourself this permanent badge of honor!


  • All events have an exclusive Badge, apart from the Release Event 2016 and the Halloween Event 2017.
  • The first ever Badge added was the "Killed Creator" badge.
    • This originally had a red background, similar to R2D 2014.