Attachments are parts that you can add to your primary or secondary weapon to make it better, such as improving the ADS on your weapon or making it more accurate. They were first thought of in R2D 2014, but it was never released to the public. Today, more and more Attachments are in development and being added to the game.

BarbedWireButton BipodButton Built-InScopeBG DoubleFireButton FenixPD35Button HipfireButton
IronsightsButton Barrett IronsightsButton R700 IronsightsButton Thompson K5SilencerButton Lazex2AAButton LeupoldMark4Button
LPHawkviewButton PSO-1ScopeButton RebelPoseButton ShoulderpadButton VortexViper30mmButton Button Flame
Reload Button ChButton M412ATTACKMENTS Thompmagazinebutton Trashweapattachmentbutton Mangazinebutton
ButtonMini2 XS! Scope ButtonMini1 ButtonMini3

Below is a list of attachments with no living image available

TrueNite TN12 (3,000$)

MP5, M4A1

Added a flashlight to the gun. Removed alongside the guns.

Kalashnikova Scope (Unknown)


Added a scope to the gun. Cancelled for unknown reasons.

Epic Scope (FREE)


Unknown use.

Mega Knife (FREE)


Unknown use.

MLG Cannon (FREE)


Unknown use.

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